About Us

Action Plan for 2022-2027

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To realize our vision and mission, find what the country needs, try and completely transform old and new kinetic energy in the forging industry, and realize high-tech digitalization and low-carbonization in the traditional forging industry, we have formulated our own action plan for 2022-2027.

Management Framework

We strive to continuously improve our management efficiency by using regularly updated management frameworks for all divisions of processes offered at our plant. We also have plans for posting sales representatives around the world and expand our base to two manufacturing plant divisions.

Industry Level

Since our inception, we have progressed from supplying mid-end products to today where we produce quality high-end products. Our 5-years plan sees us making custom precision products as well.

Green Energy

In our commitment to go greener and help the planet, we plan to go solar and have the on-site solar panels cover for more than 50% of the plant’s energy needs. This will be in addition to the 2 windmills that are already generating a significant amount of green energy for the plant & 775 KW Rooftop solar Energy.

Leading Products

We will chiefly be producing Rings,Ring Gear Blanks, sleeves and have plans to expand into warm precision forge parts and other special machinery parts as well. This expansion will not be limited to just green rings but will expand to supplying through-hardened, case-carburized, tempered and RHF(Plug quench) parts as well.

Product Materials

We wish to achieve comprehensive coverage from all kinds of ferrous to non-ferrous metals like Aluminum alloy steel, Copper alloy, steel and others.

Product Weight and Size

We hope to cover products with weight ranging from 0.3 kg to 800 kg. We are working to achieve coverage of products with the size of the outer diameter ranging from 70 mm ( 3”) to 1500mm (59”) and of the height ranging from 10mm (½”) to 400mm (16”)