Heat Treatment Facilities

Process: Spheroidized Annealing, Normalizing, ISO- Thermal Annealing

With our state of the art furnaces and expert team of technicians, DUHEE is capable of executing various processes like Annealing and Normalizing Processes viz. Spheroidized Annealing, FP Annealing, ISO Thermal Annealing,
Solution Annealing, Stress-relieving, NQT, among many others. All our furnaces are CQI-9 certified and standardized and automatically controlled by SCADA.
Our annealing and the normalizing facility is equipped with,

  • 06 no’s - Bell Type Furnace having a capacity of 5 tons per batch.
  • 01 no’s - PNG gas-based continuous type ISO Thermal Annealing Furnace – 500 tons per month

Process : Carburizing, Hardening, and Tempering By SQF

DUHEE possesses leading-edge technology in furnaces and a highly skilled and trained team of operators that helps specialized heat treatment processes like Carburizing, Hardening, and Tempering be as accurate and efficient as possible. These furnaces CQI-9 certifies and automatically controlled through SCADA level ll.
Duhee has three complete sets of IPSEN make electric heated sealed quench furnaces (SQF) - 3 no’s which include machines for per-washing, preheating, Endo gas generator, post-washing(which can be used for case carburizing), Hardening, Tempering, Carbonitriding, Nitro carburizing with a capacity of 1500 MT/batch and range of products which can be produced up to 40-inch diameter.

Process:Press Quench and Tempering by RHF (Under planning)

For middle-sized and large-sized bearing races,we are planning to include press quenching and case Hardening by RHF as well which would be preceded by case Carburizing by SQF first. Installation of required equipment is going to begin in the very near future.

Process: Induction Hardening (Under planning)

We recognize that induction hardening is one of the most critical parts of the manufacturing process. We plan to heat the metal by induction and follow it by immediate quenching . Then the metal will undergo martensitic transition which will increase its hardness and brittleness. We plan to install the needed equipment very soon and plan to thoroughly inspect all types of induction patterns and case depths to ensure it follows our customers’ specific requirements.