Machining Facilities

DUHEE offers machining treatments like rough machining, semi -finish machining, and fully finished machining. Customer satisfaction is taken care of every step of the way by working with our clients to offer an optimal, premium quality, and cost-effective solution. The key to DUHEE’s USP of cost-effective components lies in our efficient way of doing things right from forging to the finished machining process. Making a value-added chain through our processes helps keep DUHEE at the forefront of the forging, heat- treating, and machining industries. We at DUHEE strive to sustain accuracy and precision throughout all the segments of production. We believe in persistently working on new developments and constantly updating our machining process to maintain our edge. DUHEE’s machining facility can successfully carry out numerous operations like hard and soft turning, drilling, milling, and more through our CNC and VMC machines that are made by universally renowned brands Like HASS, ACE, T-Sugami etc.,

  • Turning center - 36 No’s
  • VTL                          - 06 No’s
  • VMC                       - 02 No’s