Automotive,Commercial Vehicles & Off-Highway Machines

To deliver through our efforts for meeting all our clients’ needs, we at DUHEE keep a strict watch on our processes and materials thereby improving our products’ mechanical properties and decreasing its residual stress.
For all gears and bearings ranging from 4” to 60” OD, DUHEE is dedicated to helping our clients with all their challenges by satisfying their needs, Backed by our plentiful resources, we work closely with our Clients to ensure concurrence with order requirements, part specifications, and quality standards. Our product rings have been used in the following applications:

  • Internal Gears,Sun Gears,and Planet Gears Blanks
  • Ring Gears Blanks
  • Clutches, Couplings, and Sprockets
  • Spur Gears Blanks
  • Herringbone and Helical Gears Blanks