Railways, Defence & Heavy General Industries

DUHEE is a supplier of the land-based and naval-based defense industries by catering them with high-performing forgen seamless rolled rings for tanks, artillery mounts, naval vessels, and military transmissiond. We also cater to a wide range of Heavy General Industries like food processing, pharmaceutical, plastic, robot applications, agricultural, paper , and more by fulfilling all their rolled ring requirements in a variety of material grades. Drawing upon four decades of metallurgical, heat treatment, machining, forge development, and process engineering expertise of our team, DUHEE can supply quality rolled rings for your defense job on-time, on-spec and on-budget. Some of more common rings as:

  • Transmission ring gears
  • Valves (Cages, Discs, Gaskets, Packing Rings, Seals)
  • Tanks (Flanges, Gaskets, Lakers, Nuclear Containers, Seals)
  • Bearings ( cages, Inner Rings, Outer Rings, Seals)
  • Food Processing (Beverage Fillers, Blender, Components Diaphragm Valve Components, Drums, Flanges, Mill components, Mixer Components, Palletizing Equipment, Sifter, Components, Vats)
  • Tire (Abrasive Wheels, Mold Rings for Automobiles and Trucks, Off-highway Equipment Tires, Transit Vehicle Tires, Wear Rings)
  • Industrial Fans (Hub Rings)
  • Vacuum Chambers (Flanges)
  • Pressure Vessel Gaskets