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Plant & Machinery ::
Our company is equipped with Three Ring Rolling lines-Combined Forging line. Gear Blank Upset Forging line with State of the art Induction Bar heater & tool room. Also equipped with three Heat Treatment Furnaces. Shot blasting Machine & Integrated CNC Machine Shop.
Ring Rolling Machine ::
Hot Forged ring / blanks transferred to Ring Rolling Machine. Rings are rolled in one or two passes. It depending upon size and / or shape of the Job.
Sizing Press ::
The finished rolled ring/blank is taken from ring rolling machine and transfer to the sizing press (250 MT Capacity) for strict dimensional tolerances.
Combined/Upset Forging Press Line ::
Five station upset forging presses having capacity of 300 MT, 250 MT, 50 MT & 100 MT are capable to produce rings from 15mm ID to 80mm OD of tapered and cylindrical shape and Gear blank of 20mm ID to 150mm OD.
Raw Material::
Raw Material is procured only from customer's approved sources or as per DASP standard. forging can be supplied in through hardened steel, in case hardened steel and as per customer's requirement. Raw material is stored in bins with size wise, heat wise, supplier wise with color code.
Induction Bar Heater ::
Bars are heated in precisely temperature controlled induction bar heater. It ensures fast & controlled heating with small temperature gradient between the core and the surface.
Forging Press Line ::
Five station ring / blank forging presses having capacity of 300 MT, 250 MT, 50 MT and 100 MT are equipped with Hot Shearing, Upsetting, Forming, Piercing and Expanding.
HEAT TREATMENT FACILITIES :: (Click on images to enlarge)
We have full fledge Heat treatment facilities for Spheroidize Annealing / Stress reliving for forged / rolled rings & Normalizing for gear blank.
Annealing Furnace ::
Electrically operated, Batch type (5.000 MT Capacity) Two Spheroidize Annealing furnace are fully equipped with programmable temperature controller with thyristor panel.
Shot Blasting ::
We have 2 Nos. Shot Blasting machines to make rings scale free.
Normalize Furnace ::
Electrically operated, continuous trey type (200 Kg / Hr.) Normalize furnace is also equipped with programmable temperature control with thyristor panel. It offers a better ISO thermal annealing to our customers.
Machining ::
We have customer approved Fully Integrated CNC machine shop with well Equipped Callibrated Measuring Instruments.
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