Quality Assurance
Quality Policy
  Total Quality Management: Towards Excellence  
  DASP is involved in a process of Total Quality Management. The implementation of this Total Quality Management Policy is achieved through the annual continuous improvement plan that defines the main objectives and is embodied in improvement action plant, directed towards customer satisfaction. to achieve customer's total confidence requires implementation of the critical product characteristics and critical process parameters as well as the use of specific techniques.  
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Process FMEA : Detection of Potential Failures
MSA : Measurement System Analysis
SPC : Statistical Process Control
CAQM : computer Assisted Quality Management

Supplier's Quality Assurance is of course an integral part of this program. This has resulted in conveted ISO/TS 16949:2002 Technical Specification Certification in 2005.
  Protection of Environment: A Duty, A Commitment, A Strategy  
  Environment protection is regarded as a key function of management and is increasingly incorporated into the company's Total Quality Program. We are in process of implementing Environment Management System in line with ISO 14001:2004 Standards. Environment factors are incorporated at the selection stage of all new equipments. Action plans are drawn up at regular interval, the quest to put waste product to good use, reduction in water usage, reduction in air pollution.  
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