Custom & Precision Forge Parts

DUHEE is aspiring to be an exceptional precision forge part manufacturer. The work required to turn that dream into a reality has already begun. Although we’ve been manufacturing ring gear blanks and bearing races for the past 2 decades, we are eager to let our organization take a turn towards something more challenging, The installation of 3 new press lines consisting of fully automated and temperature controlled induction built heaters, CNC Hydraulic presses, Electric CNC screw presses and Ring Rolling machines have been large steps we’ve taken towards realizing our dream. Our technical team can efficiently forge intricate and elaborate parts like Worm Gear Blanks, Hubs, Crown Gears, and pinions. We can confidently vouch that we are fully capable of producing these parts.

WARM FORGING Depending on the part that is to be formed and the material, the temperature for the warm forging process ranges from 650 C' to 1000 C'. This temperature range is above the hardening temperature of the component and lower than the scale-forming temperature. For parts with medium complexity that don’t require further heat treatment after forging, the component undergoes preliminary heat treatment if the forging temperature is below the transformation point of 740 - 770 C'. For more complex points, the forging temperature is kept above the transformation point. While the temperature range resembles that of hot forging, the process bears more resemblance to cold forging. The warm forging process combines the advantages of both, hot and cold forging techniques to improve surface quality, precision, material usage, and flexibility in shapes but it also asks for higher engineering skills like tools design, cooling, lubrication along with a dedicated forging press. By including the warm forging process in our overflowing basket of services we provide, DUHEE is lending its long-standing expertise in high-quality manufacturing to our clients. DUHEE uses its warm forging line as a single production technique and as an extension to hot and /or cold forging to deliver through on our promise of premium quality components that satisfy our customer’s needs.

Bearing Rollers - Green Roller / Harden & Tempered Roller

DUHEE’s diverse and high-quality capability in forging and manufacturing extends to our production of green/machined rollers and hardened and tempered rollers which are used in LSBs and range from 40mm to 150mm in diameter and 120mm in length, with our sophisticated in-house sets of IPSEN make Sealed Quench Furnaces for Hardening and Tempering. DUHEE is also capable to handle case-carburized material grades like 20Mc5, 8319, 4319, EN355, 3311 with custom cleanliness grades as well as through- hardened grades like SAE 52100, 100CrM07 and other equivalents.

Forged Balls

We at Duhee are here to meet our customer’s requirements for forged balls with diameters larger than 70mm and those requiring special customizations. Our half a decade experience in making forged balls from our custom-grade raw material ensures premium quality products with a uniform ball size and a smooth surface. Each ball is subjected to strict quenching and tempering heat treatment regimes to preserve accuracy and precision among our products. We guarantee uniformity in outer hardness and inner toughness of the balls which gives them high impact resistance, toughness, and durability.