Large Forgings - Forged Hollows, Sleeves, Couplings & Forge DISCS

Duhee’s Large Forging line is equipped with the latest smart forging, heat treatment, and machining appliances which includes a 1000 KW induction billet heater with billet sizes ranging from 100mm to 320mm, a fully automatic CNC hydraulic press of 2400 tons and sophisticated ring rolling machines that can make contours in Inner diameter and Outer diameter.
Our post forging consists of a setup of Bell Furnaces with an inner diameter of 60” continuous Normalizing and Isothermal Annealing Furnace along with wide range CNC Turning and VMC Machining centers. Duhee is also fully equipped with nondestructive tests like PMI, MPI, NDT tests performed by NDT Level-i, Level-ii certified & experienced inspectors. Inhouse facilities for Ultrasonic testing.

Forged Hollows

Forged Hollows finds its uses in multiple places from hydrogenation reactors and submarine oil and gas pipelines to pressured nuclear reactors and evaporators due to its durability, aversion to corrosion, high strength, long lifespan, and its ability to withstand high temperature and pressure among other harsh conditions. DUHEE manufactures forged hollows using rolling mills via the ring forging process which allows us to decrease the lead time and assure compact internal structure, finer grainflow, a complete circumferential flow of the component, which further improves the component’s strength, aversion to wearing, and fatigue resistance, DUHEE is also capable of manufacturing products with a wide range of diameter and a variety of molds of shapes.

Forged Coupling & Sleeves

We offer a wide range of Coupling and Sleeve Forgings. These couplings are manufactured from the highest quality materials or customer approved source and specification. The materials include Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium etc. These are in compliance with the required industry standards. Some well-known features are durability, precision size and corrosion resistance. These are widely used as

  • Adaptor Sleeves, Drive Rings, Catch Rings, Flanges for Mechanical Torque Transmission & Heavy machinery application.
  • Ball, Body and Closure, Flanges, Rings for Valve/ Piping / Fluid industries
  • Seal Rings, Flange Rings & Articulation Rings for Wind energy application

DISC Forging

Disc forging or plate forging is a component made by increasing the width or the length of the heated material on the forging appliance. Thickening reduces the height and increases the diameter of the material. The internal fiber line changes from being parallel with the axis to concentric circles around the axis. This process also leads to more refined and improved grains in the metal. Hence, forged discs process a greater hardness, toughness, impact strength, and fatigue resistance than discs made by cutting from plates or rods.