Quality Assurance
Quality Policy
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Quality Management System in line with ISO/TS 16949:2002 Technical specifications.
In house Micro, Macro & Chemical Tests for Raw Material.
Process FMEA & quality control plan for each & every type of Job.
Bars are heated in precisely temperature controlled Induction Bar Heating Furnace, Bars heating ensures fast, controlled, heating with small temperature gradient between the core and the surface.
Hot Forging & Forming the Rings/Blanks at right temperature and geometry by use appropriate wear Resistant Dies.
Ensuring the grain flow orientation in the Forged/Rolled Item & the geometry as per customer drawings.
First piece Approval & in-process inspection as per Quality Plan.
In-process inspection with control plan for significant Parameters.
Spheroidize Annealing of Forges/Rolled Ring in state-of-the-art furnace with thyristor based Eclectically heated, programmable temperature controller panel for FULLY SPHEROIDIZE, EVENELY DISTRIBUTED CARBIDES for excellent machining & subsequent Heat Treatment .
Normalize of Gear Blanks in state-of-the-art furnace with Thyristor based Electrically heated PID Programmable temperature controller panel for uniform hardness, excellent machining & better micro structure.
Final Machining / Turning in Well Equipped CNC Machine Shop.
Defined Areas are provided for better identification.
Job Route cards and Quality records reveals full proof traceability.
Skilled, Quality Conscious, Self-motivated workforce.
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